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How to Get Rid Of Display Issues On A Toshiba Laptop?

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Display issues on a Toshiba laptop are very common among the users and they can be related to anything like screen freeze, pink screen and even you can face over saturated colors on your laptop’s display. To get rid of these kinds of issues, you can totally rely on our technicians for Toshiba Support.

For your amenity, we have given some steps down below so that you can use them without any worries and we also recommend you to use these steps with caution, otherwise you might end up with a more complex issue or an error.

  • To start off, press and hold the “Fn” key on your keyboard.
  • Now, move to your arrow keys and try to brighten up the display with the help of right key. Also, try to darken the display with your left-arrow key.
  • On your desktop, right click anywhere to open a list of settings and within that list, click on “Graphic properties”.
  • Now, go to the drop-down menu for resolution and click on the one that you prefer.
  • After that, go to “color correction” and set your preferred brightness and contrast level and click on apply when you are satisfied.
  • Go back to your desktop, right-click anywhere to open the display options. Now, you need to click on personalize >display settings > advanced settings.
  • Now, go to “monitor properties” and from there click on “driver”.
  • Check whether if there is any driver update available. If there is, click on “update driver” and choose “search automatically”.
  • Once the update is complete, restart your computer to apply the changes on your system.

We hope that these steps will assist you in this whole process and most probably after implementing these steps you won’t be facing any issues regarding your laptop’s display. Still, if you do, don’t hesitate to call us on our Toshiba customer service number 1-800-431-355 to avail a quick response from our team.

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